888-769-9306 paypal scam

Seller note to customer

We are contacting you in regard to a new invoice # 1 that has been created on your PayPal account. The charges are automatically debited from your PayPal account of $699. 00 by Nov 2022. Product: Norton 360 Premium, we look forward to conducting future services with you. If there are any concerns related to your order or cancellation, please contact us Toll FREE 888-769-9306

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888-769-9306 Malechode Tuesday 1-24-23 3:07PM EST

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They sound like they are getting really pissed off now, ask them what it is like working 1.45am :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


They use ihelp247.us . I said it’s not working because of “Connection refused”, because I have scam protection installed in my Firefox. He didn’t get it… Wanted to try teamviewer.com then. Also didn’t work… Haha.

New personal record 25 minutes…

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Way to go, @MyScambaiterUser!

I’m on phone with “Brian” now …

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