888-604-0194 Travel Geeks Solution LLC

Scammer’s Number: 888-604-0194

This is another scam travel agency. These scammers have changed their number from 866-297-5818 to 888-604-0194. If you give them a call, make sure to ask for, “Maverick”, and ask him to apologize for scamming. Also, if anyone has 500 XP on BobRTC, please post this number.

Here is the website: https://www.travelgeekssolutions.com

Heres their email: [email protected]

888-604-0194 Still Active Michelle Monday 5-8-23 8:18PM EST

844-880-0621 Call Back

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888-604-0194 Still Active Male Tuesday 5-16-23 2:26PM EST

888-604-0194 Kevin Tuesday 6-6-23 2:51PM EST

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