888-539-6888 - iTunes Support Scam

888-539-6888 - iTunes scam

Ask for Kevin, keep telling him the support keys don't work and are invalid. He's gulliable as ever.


They use GoToAssist for connecting to computers.

They’re telling people now to go to http://9211.info and click LogMeIn.

Also calling from: 888-740-5999

He called me a SOB and told me never to call again. Bear in mind that this was the first time I called and all I said was “Is this iTunes Support?” He also said I would loose everything on my PC if I called again.

@Lain#7532 LOL! They’re mad now cause I got their ID’s suspended with ZOHO and GoToAssist.

I called the number on top. It takes me to a dish network call center.

Wow. Scammers share their number.

@Baconbrick#7542 HA! Now they’re claiming they’re dish network?

Getting message “This account number is invalid” when calling.

I wasted so much of “Kevin’s” time. There’s appearently a Sam and a Garry too. He flirted with me and all kinds of stuff. It’s weird how gullible and desperate these guys are.

@Thelemonkitten#7640 Ahahaha same dude same!

Lol my friend asked him for dildos and sex toys, he fell for it:


Now he has your email, and name.

@FuelDaFlame#7657 Lol obviously it’s fake info.

Your real first name is Trusted and your last name is Nerd.

This number is still working,

I ran them today and they only ran the tree command and told me that my computer was infected, for some reason he didn’t try the trick of typing virus found etc in the background of the tree command listing?

Just received a call from them. Indian “Harry” says that my Apple device is sending alerts.