888.467.6119 Geek Squad Active as of 1102amPST 1/20

I called 888 467 6119, which is also the name of this topic.

That is strange since a foreign guy answered back when I called it earlier up in this thread. When I asked him his name, he said Papa John. He and I went back and forth for about ten minutes before he hung up, plus he answered as Geek Squad but he just did not say his name, so I asked him and he said Papa John.

I am thinking they forwarded the call to another phone number because why would the elderly sounding lady have a toll-free number 888 467 6119?


But yes, every number posted should be checked first before posting. When I get a callback number to my TextNow while I am messing with scammers, and even if I answer the callback number that is coming into my TextNow and clearly a scammer is calling me, I still call it back to be sure it is not spoofed somehow and to see if a scammer answers it.

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Perhaps you’ve made an error, this number connects to a fairly large Geek Squad scripted call centre.
If you listen and download this recording the time, date and number stamp are clearly visible in the filename which is this:

20230121-062522-8884676119-Geek Squad support
2023 the year 01 the month 21 the date it is here for almost the last 8 hours
06:25:22 I called it for the seventh time on this occasion 1 hour 18 minutes ago
There is no error in this number, nor description
Just for good measure I just called this right now


All of the numbers that I post, i vet before posting. I go through the scam for a couple minutes to make sure.



Thanks much, @JoeHammyMistakely!

I have experienced though when calling a number that is clearly a scammer phone number, not just from my calls but from other users in the thread calling the same number, but all of a sudden when we call again the call goes to some other company, sometimes to a legitimate different company. Sometimes it seems the scammers want to get back at us and they forward our calls to a different and legitimate company.


Kolkata IP
They changed Windows PWD
shelp.cc Screen Connect


Well, yeah indeed it’s pretty strange… I don’t know, I just called that number and an elderly sounding lady just picked up… Maybe they knew I was messing with them and they just forwarded the call to one if their victims. That’s the only explanation I can think of, or maybe the phone line just glitched. Or, they’re just forwarding calls that come from scambaiters to victims, in order to harass their victims… Which, is absolutely disgusting…


Well, yeah that’s pretty weird, the only explanation I can think of is maybe they forwarded the call to one of their victims, or the phone line just glitched out. Or, they’re trying to harass their victims by forwarding scambaiting calls to them, which is disgusting.

Yeah, I mean I don’t blame you, because I called that number before and yes scammers pretending to be from Geek Squad picked up, but all of a sudden an old lady picked up… I think they might be trying to harass their victims by forwarding scambaiting calls to their victims… Disgusting…

(888) 467-6119

At 11:22 AM Central in USA, today, Monday, 23-Jan-2023, I called this (888) 467-6119. A man answered and said, “Can you hear me?” He has a foreign accent in terms of English not being is primary language. I said, “Yes Sir, I can hear you.” There was a pause and I asked in a sincere and polite way, “What is your first name, Sir?” He replied, “Father William.” I asked, “Maybe I have dialed the wrong number, Father William. With what company or organization do you work?” He replied, “Fuck every people.” (I am quoting him exactly.) At this point I laughed and said, “Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade that you criminals work, we continue to have our fun at your expense.” He immediately hung up.

It seems this phone number if being used again by a very INEPT and INCOMPETENT and UNREALISTIC scammer.

As @Recycle_Bin has posted in this thread, let us all please be aware that it is possible that you might get forwarded to an innocent person who is NOT a scammer if you call this number.

I was just curious if today this phone number is being answered by a scammer or scammers, so for the first time today I tried calling it.


On another call just now, this Indian guy is certainly a scammer. He just answered with only hello. I said, “Is this Geek Squad?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “What is your fake first name, stupid criminal?” He replied, “Feck you, maderchod.” Yes, he used the word “maderchod” and not the English word motherfecker. At this point I went into my “Verily I am the maderchod who dry-fecks your mother’s arse for 5 Rupees on G.B. Road in Delhi,” et cetera.

He was on the line with me for over 7 minutes. We were going back and forth insulting each other and each other’s mother. At one point he said, “You keep increasing the toll you pay.” This dumbass does not seem to understand that the toll-free number is toll-free to the CALLERS and NOT to the scammers.


Bengali accent from Kolkata


Yep… At this point, I’m wondering if it’s an actual scammer, or if it’s just a person pretending to be a scammer & forwarding calls to random people in order to troll scambaiters. I called that number again a couple of days ago, (I am posting the reply now since I was not on scammer.info for a couple days), and it looks like they aren’t even trying, I mean that guy just said “okay your subscription has been cancelled, have a nice day and suck my c**k”. To me, that just looks like a random person trying to troll scambaiters.

I suppose that it is possible that a person or persons who are not trying to scam criminally are just trying to mess with scam baiters and scam harassers. I wonder why though someone would mess with scam baiters or scam harassers and waste his or her time without being a scammer.

It is not uncommon though that when I am on the phone with the type of scammers that either want to get onto my computer or want blocking cards AND I am NOT accusing them of being scammers but am saying that I have no Amazon a/c or that the Geek Squad email says my subscription will be renewed in the next 24 hours but I am calling 3 days later and my subscription has not been renewed, the scammer gets tired of trying to convince me and says, “Okay, I’ll cancel the order” or the scammer says, “Okay, your credit card has not been charged and your subscription has not been renewed, so have a nice day.”

I know from experience that sometimes when a scammer phone number is being harassed and baited by us long enough, sometimes a scammer or scammers start answering their phone as Papa John’s Pizza or “Hello, this is McDonalds” or something to that effect. Sometimes the scammers get tired of trying to scam and just start behaving in a silly OR in a vulgar fashion as soon as the scammer answers the phone as a result of their phone number being harassed and baited.

I have experienced though where a scammer phone number starts to forward my calls to a legitimate company because I was harassing the hell out of 'em with repeated calls and the scammer probably recognized my phone number and tried to “get even” with me.

I see that the user @drwat got their Kolkata IP in this thread 13 days ago.

It is possible that they got rid of this (888) toll-free number though and now some other company is using it. Maybe a few days ago the scammers got rid of this particular (888) number in the title of this thread.

I just now tried the (888) number in the title of this thread but after a half of a ring or after one ring the call dropped.


Yep, like I said, I called that number a couple of days ago. I just called it now, and yes, it’s down for me too.

Yeah, actually that happened to me a couple of times too. Like, scammers forwarded my calls to victims who knew that they were scammers, or to other legitimate businesses, although that happens very rarely for me. Scammers usually just hang up the phone when they realise that I’m messing with them, or simply just cuss me out.

The simplest explanation to me would be that that number actually belonged to a scammer once, but then either someone else who wanted to troll scambaiters bought that number, or some other scammers which were really unprofessional bought it, or simply phone lines just completely glitched out due to people possibly flooding that number.

I mean, it’s pretty weird though, like why would anybody want to spend money and buy a number just to harass people who are volunteering donating their time to prevent scams? I really cannot find a logical explanation to this, because some days ago I called them with different numbers, and every time they picked up the call was instantly forwarded to what sounded like innocent victims (the call was forwarded to innocent victims before they even heard my voice).

So yeah, my best bet would be that someone bought that number and tried to troll scambaiters, or some scammers who were really bored & unprofessional decided to harass their victims.

You: Scammers usually just hang up the phone when they realise that I’m messing with them, or simply just cuss me out.
Me; That is what usually happens to me too, @Recycle_Bin!

Just as we scam harassers sometimes conference more than one scammer into a conference call with another scammer in the same scammer call center, once in awhile I have been calling a scammer VOIP phone number and the scammer has conferenced into a conference call two or more of us scam baiters/harassers into the same conference call.

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This number hasn’t been active since Tuesday, 2 February 2023