(888) 305-4491 facebook scammers

Scam Number: (888) 305-4491

Scammer’s Website or Email: https://facebook-help-care.business.site/

Additional information about this scam: facebook scammers live again,scamming by taking gift cards

888-305-4491 Continuous Ring. Wednesday 9-21-22 11:34AM EST

These scammers are very big in number.We need to destroy their number.

How do you destroy it if it just rings

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  1. 544-0638

They just changed their number on the above url.Now live on this number (855) 544-0638
We need to remove them by making their this number down as well

855-544-0638 Lots of ringing and then answered. No idea what his name is. Wednesday 9-21-22 11:47AM EST

Dialed 855-544-0638 as well just earlier, 12am Manila. No one answered.

yea, i called it a few times. they got sick of me calling

(888) 433-3556

These scammers just changed their number on the above url and scamming by taking prepaid cards