877-478-4015 ( GMailSupport)


Wtf when i called someone picked up and said “Yeah? Say something” Then hung up lol.

called them 1st time -

hello tech support blah blah …

me: can you fix my pc ?

them: i just want to let you know that i want to put my dck in yo a$$


Second time :

well I am arab so i started talking arabic to them -

alsalamualaykum (peace be upon you)

man anta ? (who are you)

them: sorry sir what did you say …?

I repeat the same thing

Me: Do you understand arabic ?

them: no i don’t sir i am not from saudi arabia or any arabic countries

hangs up*

that just means that someone probably called them before me and trolled them , and they thought that i was that someone … lol.

IT WAS MEEE HAHAHA just reported them to there ISP ?