877-392-4577 - red flag error

They’re back!

They used to call off 1-800-361-4146, now they're calling off 877-392-4577

Peter, David, Charles are all the motherf*ckers that answer.

Now there’s another guy named Drake.


This number is associated with them: (800)-677-1839

they keep saying they’re not tech support LOL

“This is a Chinese kitchen” “Call tomorrow for a technician”

My calls will not go through. I’m using google hangouts. Is anyone having any different results?

@ZiggyKhan#7974 Calls aren’t going through. I heard them talking about this thread on the phone when I talked to them last.

@trustednerd#7975 RIP they’re on to us


800 677 1839

said they were chinese kitchen. Asked me what i would like to order. I said 1 order orange chicken, 1 order general tsao chicken, 1 order kung pao chicken. He said he wanted my american express credit card information. I gave him a not real card number and he got mad that i didn't give him my real credit card number. Called me a scammer and then told me my order is ready come get. LOL

@Jackedntan69#7981 Omg lol. Now I know why their mailbox is full!

Him: Stop calling us!

Me: I haven’t called you before.

Him: Somebady has been. hangs up

They’re back online this morning.

@trustednerd#7950 Please, You don’t have to make a lot of posts about them. You made 6/2 posts.

Please edit your posts unless there is other posts in between.

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