(870) 252-4060 WORKING Geek Squad Support






Number: (870) 252-4060

Location of the company(I think): India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad

Possible Owners:
Sunil Dhingra
Gaurav Khurana

no answer just continuous ringing,then it goes to voicemail

888-237-8289 number they told me to call,they gave me the number to the real best buy lol

They might know we are on to them, also, I had quite a long hold.

I think there’s a Canada number too on the website…

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1302-450-1440 quickbooks support

They are up and running. One of the “technicians” numbers is (661) 233-9615. They are also impersonating Best Buy and using its gift cards, so I suggest we notify them for misuse.

@ApplePie1000#140043 Ghaziabad is just 20 miles from New Delhi


(870) 252-4060 number active...but he is feeling sleepy...picked after long ring

I called them on June 15 and they still seemed to be up and running but they didn’t ask me for any payment or information or anything.

I spilled coffee on my laptop and in a panic was trying to find a number to call and found this number without noticing it seemed phishy.

The first person I spoke to answered the phone with “hello” instead of the “thank you for calling geek squad” like I expected and he asked me some weird computer questions that made me question his credibility and then he said a technician would call me within a hour but he didn’t take any of my info. I just figured he was an incompetent employee and called back an hour later. But then I spoke to someone different who was equally off putting and I knew something was up. They didn’t seem to want to talk to me at all so I’m not sure what kind of scam they’re trying to pull.