8665081203 FCR/SGR Scammers

Scammer’s Number: (866) 508-1203
Domains Used: None
Extra Info: Making calls claiming a claim has been filed against someone, then acting very unprofessional when called out on their scam, will not give any proper information regarding the claim they cant identify if its a solicitor or bonded courier let alone know any of the actual laws regarding service. Shifts story around quite often to gaslight when confronted. Jeff seems to be particularly triggered when you call him and say he is a scammer. Have fun with this one gents. Appears to be very well run however, and you will need a reference number to “verify” who you are, 5 digits in length. Appears to link to some sort of database they have.

Female with an American accent answering just now.

Might be the voicemail greeting?

She was definetly live.