866-761-1432 faux CRA/SSA

2019/02/18: 12:15 PM EST 866-761-1432 faux CRA or SSA depending on your area code/phone number. I called CRA was getting the CRA script and heard the SSA script in the background. Switched to a USA phone number and viola it was SSA.

Also called back and they said IRS

@Darrell64#75817 I called from a Canadian number and got a recording saying I was #60 in line and it would be 14 minutes, then it went to 40 and 9 minutes, then it went to 72 and 3 minutes. Really weird. I called from a Texas number and got the exact same message. Really really weird.

Joe Scambait called that number today on his live stream and it was the SSA at the start, then he recalled and it became the CRA LOL, I think they are getting phone bombed now…

2019/02/18: 3:04 PM EST:

Just called back I am caller 282, with an expected on hold time of 14 minutes.. I hope the SSA/CRA/IRS is being flooded by Scambaiters..

@Darrell64#75855 I think that is what is happening, too.