855 933 3044 Tech support scam

|\_Pirated_Activation_code_detected_0xRed0xx786xx999y_cu5tomer_s5upport (ndcdsjncs-urchin-app-nuc2g.ondigitalocean.app)

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Popup Flagged and number wont accept calls now. (1h later)

NEW POPUP - |_Pirated_Activation_code_detected_0xRed0xx786xx786y_cu5tomer_s5upport (critical-windows-alert-error-fx8ux.ondigitalocean.app)

“Welcome to Microsoft, my name is Keith. How may I help you today?”


Attempted callback on ‪(210) 940-7726‬


‪(855) 933-3044‬ is active and answering at 11:30 AM ET 8/5/2022

it is still active - 4:54 (UTC) Time (05/08/2022)

they use Ultraviewer , it quite annoying as you only get there ip and cant get any files

Where are they located