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Yeah, so you show the number as evidence.

I can just edit the HTML of the page. See? No real recording is evidence of anything. It just gives you an extra reason to believe it but is in no way evidence.

Was just on the phone with xfinity and she checked that number and it does NOT belong to their official call center in India , she is reporting that number to their security dept. Hope this put’s it to rest


Okay I hope that you are telling the truth because they are about to get blasted by my chicken!

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You can call the real xfinity customer service and verify yourself, just passing on what she told me when I asked her to check that number and verify whether it was one of their call centers. She said don’t talk to them and don’t give them any of your personal info.

It is a possibility that they have somehow obtained database of real customers.

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Dr, I don’t know, that’s why I had called the real comcast support…maybe if someone else could call the real comcast support and also verify this number we could put it to rest that’s it’s either fake or real

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It is likely the advanced technical support team of an authorized partner.

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I’m on phone with xfinity again and recording this call, asked them to check for advance tech support under that number again…will post results

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I have recording but due to size limit can not post, if anyone would like a copy I can email it…it is a scam per xfinity

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Was able to compress, some hold music but the end is worth it


Thank you. That makes it clear.

I have have heard fro these folks so far:
Females Navdeep, Sandhya, Stacy/Jaycee, Shivanji
Males Jishaan, Himanshu, Samir, Anwar, Sahil and one other male

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did you call ofical number of Xifnty on there website → 855-870-1311

number 18009346489 (which is not the main help line)

Just called from 2 dif numbers, one of which is registered with Xfinity. They knew the first wasn’t and knew all my info with the second. If anyone is scamming there it’s one employer not the center

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Have fun with these guys. They don’t know they’re being flooded… Hearing it in the background just makes a smile appear.