(855) 423-9979 / (800) 669-9307 McAfee Sales Scam

(800) 669-9307 Jinigram

(855) 423-9979 sv security Deals .com

www.scsecuritydeals.com is selling McAfee licenses.

Their sales License was hijacked earlier today and reported to McAfee under this Report Number:

Later on I called them and got another list of over 500 Victims connected to them.

As they lost their own license they went to https://store.jinigram.com/ to sell McAfee

They 100% work together as on the first attempt i called the sv deals number and got called back after by the jini number claiming that I tired to call them for McAfee (sv site)

As mentioned, a report has been made, case created and all extra details pulled out by my bait are handed over to McAfee to further assist more potential victims.

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Tarun Gaur is the original owner of that site if that name means anything to you

his background would line up with skills required to set up this type of scam, and he has attempted to dissociate his name with records of the site

also correcting a typo from you OP it’s avsecuritydeals I believe

this post also mentions this site along with another site that is connected as they have listed the same VA address


Amar Singh was/is the owner of pcmagic and presumably avsecuirtydeals, however tarun gaur owns jinidigital, is it safe to assume they are working together? what else do you know?

store.jinigram.com Registered office: 32930 Alvarado-Niles Rd #340, Union City, CA 94587.

Corporate office: 39899 Balentine Dr, Suite 200, Newark, CA 94560. Virtual office

Altrenate # 1-800-669-9307

Seems like they are down. They still pick up but do claim to not sell any McAfee any longer.

And Jinigram is not picking up and only has a shitty text-to-speech recording

@drwat#141373 why would ya downvote me? I pulled that info from domain history just like you. But ah interesting.

@thegardner#143313 I UPVOTED you. some mistake possible

aka qikbay.com
aka Jinigram LLC
400 Concar Dr, San Mateo, CA 94402
aka Jinify