Scam Number: 850-812-4041
Domain Used:
Extra Info:

I screenshared in the scammer info discord!

‪(757) 935-0540‬ Direct line to one of them.

Answering at 7 pm … 757#

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DWservice.net wants me wants to go on
Remotely access your devices from a Web browser.

Simple - Free - Open source


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Your operating system is
Linux x86 (32/64 bit)

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Ha ha trolled 15 min :rofl:
757# told him i have a Tor browser i was watching monkey porn he was ok with it tho​:rofl::rofl:

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Are they like amazon or what are they? (Just so that i know what to tell them)

@Darocky they are “microsoft”.

These are a weird group. They just want the free signup bitcoin from coinbase.
They asked for a list of devices on my network and didn’t mind my “gaming toaster” and “wireless refrigerator” in the dead center of my kitchen.

(757) 935-0540 (TextNow number) picking up at 10:15 PM EDT

0540 “Cannot be dialed”


Can’t get through to 4041 on Google Voice or Talkatone


Don’t reply to old posts because that brings them to the top. This post also provides no additional information since this information has already been posted


Sure :smiley:

Your feedback has been noted

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