844-576-1170 - ssa

Have fun with Indian Officer Jones!

Just tried it and it still works as of 9:17 AM PST

Number is already being flooded

Call Count: 18625

Alice trolls them :joy::joy:


@firef0xx#186912 bwahahahahahaha!!!

@FattyMatty#186958 Long time no see!

Check out my new Youtube channel for what I do when not doing this!



@JusticeinTexas#186959 Ive seen it sister…bad ass bass!

I haven’t been as active here because I’ve been going after TCPA violators to the tune of $8500. I joined a website that has tons of resources on tracking down responsible parties and also a law firm that handles TCPA violations. Screwing with scammers is entertaining but I’d rather make money off of them

@FattyMatty#187002 Thank you, my friend! You go after them! Good on you!

(888) 211-8144 we found the number for the Cash App Scam

@Sam1289#187243 welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: