844-562-5374 HP Printer Support and Live Chat

Number: 844-562-5374

Scam: Printer

Website: www.hpsupporthelp247.com

As of Jan 2019 someone reported:

These Indian scammers also have these websites:
hpsupports.co (suspended)

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I called but no voice

No live chats are active currently

Another number, same scammers: 865-328-3525 callsupportnumber.com

1-844-522-7446 new number

844-522-7446 Is now free medical alert system

@TheKingPenguin Welcome!!

Now retail rebate scammers, gotta subscribe to one of their “savings programs” for $1 to earn a “$100 rebate voucher.”

That’s all just a generic lead gen. A lot of scam numbers divert to these after the scammers go home for the day.

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