844-527-6308 - Apple Virus Popup Scam

Scam Number: 844-527-6308 (One of the scammer’s callback number is 458-213-6071)
Scammer’s Website or Email: Apple Security
Additional information about this scam: I called the number & I got connected to a girl with a American accent. The second time I called I got connected to a guy with a indian accent named “Joseph Carson”. Says he is a Senior Technician.

844-527-6308 Alex Tuesday 4-2-24 2:27PM EST


Connected to a Senior Technician named Joseph Carson, he is making me download a app called “ConnectWise Control” which gives him remote access to my iPhone. He makes me go to a website on the app which is https://olut1.top/. On the website it requires a code to get connected. Before the scammer makes a code, he will ask for your zip code, so prepare to give a fake one when the scammer directs you this route.

Joseph Carson’s callback number is 458-213-6071.

Joseph Carson made me try more codes because I was pretending my phone couldn’t connect to his computer. He made me try the code 14615, and 64163 before transferring me to another website which is https://d4net.info. He then asked me to turn on my Windows computer and connect to him using Quick Assist. The Quick Assist code he gave me was DFRT7X.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 121251