8147980207 Windows refund

active as of 1015 EST

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Scammer says AnyTech365

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This is an email from them:

We would like to inform you that your Any Tech 365 premium support & security subscription is going to expire today. Auto-Renewal automatically renews your subscription before it expires. This action makes sure that your protection is never interrupted. Any Tech 365 strongly recommends that you keep Auto-Renewal turned on to keep your digital life safer… For more information call

Helpline +1-814-798-0207

Another number circulating in emails from same scammers.

Thanks for using Anytech365 Computer Protection Plan for the last 1 year,we love having you as our customer.

Your subscribtion has been Auto-renewed and your Account/Card has been debited by $399.57 .

If you have any service related or any other queries do not hesitate to call us on the number given below
Ca11 - +1(914)-208-2963

This is an auto generated email do not reply to this email

Anytech365 Support

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