808.272.7466 Geek Squad Active as of 1051am PST 1/20

Just about all of those .cc are dangerous. The Caicos Islands

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They’re dangerous to the ill informed
For those who know how and what to look for, they’re a goldmine of information going back to the time they started using it, their IP address(s) and that of every victim they have connect to it.
Don’t ask for the how’s or or which ways, that’s protected information under the Bastards Incorporated Pty Ltd proprietary secrets act. :grin:


I’m definitely not a computer aficionado. I know how to point, click and utter a pretty long stream of obscenities when it’s not working.

This number is active again
8082727474 PayPal support refund

I called this number 808-272-7474, the guy said its Paypal customer support.

Was this for Geeksquad charge?

It’s PayPal …exactly as I labelled it and the recording verifies it
this number is listed within this thread
I don’t make new threads for every active number unlike some folks
there are hundreds of threads for the some numbers on this forum

808-272-7475 cust. Support
808-272-7476 answered hello