804-508-6692 Geek Squad Scammers

Scam Number: 804-508-6692
Order Confirmation

Dear Customer,
Your Geek Squad Secured & Webroot personal protection will be automatically renewed for your convenience. We genuinely hope you have been satisfied with our services and we thank you for choosing us as your trusted security provider. This email confirms that you’ve renewed your 5 year Protection with Geek Squad Anti-Malware For $408.08 On 2023-09-08.

Account Type:- Personal PC Service & Webroot Cyber Security
Item:- Geek Squad Anti-Malware
Quantity:- 1
Tenure:- 5 Years
Payment Mode:- Auto Debit
Charges $408.08

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804-508-6698 Friday 9-8-23 2:44PM EST