(802) 321-8181 - Refund Scam (Norton)

Scam Number: (802) 321-8181
Domain Used: email
Extra Info: see images:

Screenshot 2022-08-05 202911

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(802) 321-8181 No answer, call drops after several rings. 2am

Norton subscription in just $58 hahah making fool

thet not pic my call

Female answered first time and said “HELLO”

Called them few days ago, he was sleeping at home, connected thru anydex with is phone. messed with him now and he seemed scared af.

His real name is Shadab, located in West bangal, Kolkata IP is: and office IP is:

His number: 304-524-5520

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(304) 524-5520 Rings then VM

Kolkata IP
Sir, I saw a documentary about wire transfer to Thailand
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