8009820442 - IRS Scam

Toll free. Grasshopper Group AGAIN! Go get em!

These assholes cant even remember which scam they are running!

@MQ9#86869 Taking them out

Lol it’s working

Excellent. They are not answering. Can’t believe the number of GG numbers down in one day!

They seem to be going down super fast after a weekend of raping.

We have decided to follow the time honored “squeal like a pig” strategy for the rest of the week

![image indexjpg.jpeg](upload://sECmoSPh6KHwBpfG9KHDPchXPq5.jpeg)![image indexjpg.jpeg](upload://sECmoSPh6KHwBpfG9KHDPchXPq5.jpeg)

They just put some money in the till and Grasshopper unparked their number.

Let's see how much money they put in. I sic'd the dialer on it.

@kenzo#86903 goes to voice mail

@Cdubs#86904 Its an IRS scam they’re not going to answer at this hour.

Time to fill their voicemail up again. :slight_smile:

I think this one’s done. I’ve called the main number a few times. The line is no longer in service. :frowning: