8003294767 Medical device scam / lead generator


@Cami#111832 Pls be more detailed about what kind of scam it is and also write “SCAM” in the title because many people google the phone number and might get warned & saved from the scam due to scammer.info ranking really high in search results.

Also make sure you use the correct tags for the threads, take a look at this thread and the used tags for example :)

[“8003294767 gift”,“8003294767 Medical device scam / lead generator”]


Heads-up: When you press ‘2’ to continue in English, the call gets disconnected.

Now it’s an ID Protection scam.

I called them last night. I confronted Melissa and told her she worked for a scammer. She honestly believes that she does not. So, I guess she is a scam “mule”.