8/2/2017 Another active number and site

Number Toll Free:

+18883100295 (According to the webpage)

Number: 18883100295 (According to the webpage)

A small picture of what it looks like (What the message looks like):

The scammers seems the same from the last post but I've seen a lot of these webpages get copied by other scammers and the number is different as well.

I recommend you not to give them the ID number from the webpage when calling since any ID fake or real will work the since ID part is usually to make the scammer look legit even though this is a Microsoft scammer NOT the real Microsoft.

Link now auto-redirects to youtube

@ajipro#11042 It doesn’t for me. I just tested it see:


This does not work anymore.

They removed it already

@RaiderRage#11048 The website doesn’t mater if you are going to scambait them just tell them you saw the website and tell them that the site was removed in the end to piss em of even more.

@Bryce#11046 You’re a TF2 Heavy main aren’t you? Anyways the website isn’t required to scambait because you can tell them that you saw it and then at the end of the call you tell them that the website actually is gone to piss them of even more than before XD.

@TheWINUser#11050 I do not play TF2 lmao

@Bryce#11055 POOTISBird… Then what’s with the TF2 Heavy with a Bird as the face profile picture?

@TheWINUser#11060 he must have thought it looked cute or smthing.

I thought it was from a movie. Let’s stay on topic though.

@TheWINUser#11060 its the berdthday boy

@Bryce#11114 how did we get from scammer number and site to discussing ur profile pic

@Ryan#11138 idk

i called let him log onto my pc then wirus and he said excuse me sir i said huh and he said i thought i heard something and i said no then i ran memz and said wirus alert wirus alert wirus alert and hung up

this number is still actief just called them

5 diggit code 42019

Second call was realy mad hahah tryed to put syskey at the end
"sir you don't know who you calling"

LOL I just scambaited them 3 times. I tell them I have no windows key so they have me shut down then I fake having to wait for checkdisk to complete: 1%, 2%, 3% ha ha ha!


WOW… im talking with the same guy 1 hour now… 45 min only because i gave him a fake credit card numbern and im saying the mony is not anymore on my banc account

second time, i sayd i was watching porn and then this popup was showing on, he said i should clear the history and make sure i have windows firewall and an free antivirus on the pc, and the next time when i go watching porn i should use the incognito mode from google chrome

LOL! I scambaited them with a voice changer and a HORRIBLY slow VM (even the tree command was horribly slow) for about an hour until they asked for my payment. He even typed cd…cd… and later cd…cd…cd…tree instead of the right commands (cd… and tree). I said I want to pay with walmart gift card and i said that i have 200 dollars worth of them. He asked his supervisor if I can pay by gift cards but he said no. I even said that ducks are running away and i have to catch them and he believed it. At the end I revealed that a kid scambaited him and I made it clear. He only got that I scambaited him after like 3 minutes! What a dumb scammer!