7727427233 car insurance scam "SolidQuote"

Cindy answers again and again. No company address, dumb script. Real strange.

it’s a so-called Avatar. It’s a voice recording bot but controlled by a human who presses the buttons to make the bot say something.

After you get through it’s SolidQuote

["7727427233 car insurance scam. ","7727427233 car insurance scam “SolidQuote” "]

Hello @NeeP#100126 , Here’s a hot ‘ACTIVE’ number I have just called and verified it’s a scammer.

Auto Insurance (800) 780-1833; A lady picked up, we conversed and she could not identify the company name she claims to be working for nor disclose her location. She called me three times.

This information is current as of July 19, 2019 1:12 PM PST. Please post this. Oh, keep up the good work!

@Beebe23#100107 Hey, keep up the good work!

@Little-Rascal#100153 your phone number is dead sadly :confused:


auto insurance lead generator

888 805 2619

855 425 8088