7187668663 - Microsoft Scam

You guys are going to have fun with this, enjoy!


Why the emphasis on ‘hindu’?

Are you even positive that they are Hindu? @trustednerd#8741

100% he started preaching to me on the phone.

@trustednerd#8761 scamming has nothing to do with religion so could you kindly remove the word " hindu " from the title its offensive

[“7187668663 - Hindu Scammer pretending he’s Microsoft”,“7187668663 - Religious Idiot Scammer pretending he’s Microsoft”]

@harry99#8762 When they start praising Allah on the phone with me, I have a problem with that.

1st, Allah is from the Islamic religion @trustednerd#8764 . 2nd @harry99#8762 I could say that you having “Fuck” in your profile picture is offensive, that doesn’t mean it is offensive to everybody. Let the staff check it out and they will modify the title accordingly. @thunder @R34P3R @1337mathster @Jnteamed @ichutya @FOXYCallum1

@trustednerd#8764 Dude Allah is what Muslims call God. Not hindu.

Also if all he did is praise his God, you shouldn’t be offended by that.

[“7187668663 - Religious Idiot Scammer pretending he’s Microsoft”,“7187668663 - Microsoft Scam”]

@trustednerd#8764 @1337mathster#8766 can we just all decide that he was just a very very religious scammer and let be on that … and just try to scambait him and stop him …btw if he (scammer) was religious enough he wouldn’t be doing this in the first place … and also my pic has only “FK” and not the entire word so i might in a grey area there and i am sorry if that is offensive to you