(716) 925-1390

Scammer’s Number: (716) 925-1390, (872) 704-1469, (951) 305-4381, (707) 742-7060, (216) 512-1576, (786) 592-6979, (737) 302-2568, (951) 305-4381
Domains Used: N/A I was given these numbers from a relative who wrote down all their info.
Extra Info: All these numbers, especially the first number which is the main one have all stole money from my grandmother who is a widow, and lost her husband about a year ago. Her mind is slowly degrading, and many in my family believe she is developing Alzheimer’s disease. They have stolen his life insurance, they have emptied her savings, and they have stolen multiple personal information like her Drivers License and Bank account numbers. These people won’t stop until they have financially ruined her, and whoever it is have tried everything under the sun to get everything from her. Please do your best to give them a taste of the hell me and my family had to endure trying to save my grandmother from these scumbags. Also here’s some of the emails used [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. I will update the numbers, and other information on this topic as I receive them from my relative.


(716) 925-1390 textnow #
(872) 704-1469 textnow# …
(951 305 4381no VM rings then goes beep
(707) 742-7060 cannot be dialed
(216) 512-1576googlevoice… no answer …leave
(786) 592-6979… Answered foreigner talking
to him … Sounds Nigerian …TEXTNOW #scams
(737) 302-2568 text now #


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7865926979 – No, That’s not Nigerian. That’s some indian…

Thank you. I’m very new to all of this, could you explain to me what a textnow# is? Also yes he is Nigerian I believe, but idk for sure. Who knows, all i care about is this guy suffering as much as possible.

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i emailed [email protected], they gave me a new phone number, 240-452-1319

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Hi @Turncoat67,

TextNow is essentially an end-to-end phone service contained inside an app. You get free texts and free calls over WiFi, meaning when you’re at home – or on a WiFi network – you don’t have to pay for calls. The free version has advertisements though. You must have access though to a WiFi network I think. I have also a VOIP landline phone, so I connect my TextNow phone number on my cell phone to the wireless network of the provider of my internet and VOIP home landline phone number.

You can pay monthly for TextNow and I think there are no advertisements when you are a paid subscriber.

I have the FREE TextNow on my cell phone. When you install TextNow onto a cell phone, you are prompted to enter your name but you can enter a fake name. It will give you some phone numbers from which you can choose and the area code will be the same as your American location’s area code, but I think you can choose if you want a TextNow phone number that has a different area code than where you live.

The idea is that you do NOT want scammers to know your REAL cell phone number or home VOIP landline phone number. They could be spiteful and post your real phone number on the Internet and write that YOU are a scammer so that you get flooded with phone calls. They could use your real phone number via the Internet to try to find your real name and address.


Thank you so much for letting me know. They got my grandmother to share the phone numbers of some of my family members, so I let them know. It really has been a frustrating and almost despairing experience who or whoever these people are put us in. We really have tried to get her away from these human parasites, but they have coerced her into continuing to keep up with this scam. They told her that we hate her, that we don’t love her anymore. They told her terrible things, and I could bet money on it that they’ve threatened to hurt her or one of my family members. These people are just pure evil.


I concur completely, @Turncoat67. It is intolerable when criminals try to defraud folks. Like with your grandmother, the elderly are especially vulnerable and can get sucked into it by the persuasive scammers.

Verily I extend to you my sincere sympathies. I hope it will work out with your grandmother and that she won’t give her time any longer to scammers on the phone. Do not even get me started on junk or fraudulent postal mail, or email for that matter if your grandmother has an email account!


They called again with these numbers.

Only 1 number worked for me