(712) 350-5542 Personal scammer phone number

Scammer’s Number: (831) 202-3031
Screenshot: Screenshot - d75e437438495c8d7e96d7324b51a67a - Gyazo All the information there.


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I called 712 350 5542 but I got the generic TextNow voicemail of this scammer. Of course I never turn down the opportunity to leave a nasty message on a message machine of a criminal!


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I called the personal cell and got a recording of a cover of In The End…then some Hindi song I couldn’t understand

Sent dong pics

Edit: Oh we fighting now, he answered. I highly suggest spamming this number with dirty pics and insults

1:35 PM Central I just called again now but again I got the generic TextNow message machine. So IMMEDIATELY I called again the 712-350-5542 and I got the music about which you were writing, @NoLife33. I think he is answering his TextNow number and then playing the music.

This is good. It means he has been messed with today!

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He keeps suggesting I bang my sister so I demanded he “stop being a coward and answer the phone when my friends call”

“Friends” referring to you guys, of course


I’m callin’ non-stop now, @NoLife33!

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Awesome cause that chode made me look at a pic of diarrhea.

I asked him why he sent a pic of his lunch

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Haha, that is hilarious! Why did you send a pic of your lunch!

Drat. I gotta log out now and get going on some other stuff I gotta do.

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I kept playing a vulgar hindi(bhojpuri) song for him.

It seemed like he didn’t know what to do.

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The number in the title is his “boss’s” personal number. The other one is the one I found.

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You have to check out this song!! Lol I’ve been blasting it in the phone, I’ve even got some scammers to sing it , it’s funny af. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

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