646-851-0236 IRS Scam

Found another. This one answers pretty quickly. On one call a woman answers and says “IRS how can I help you”. On a second call and man answers and says the same thing.

@alangreen#29319 The woman I got was so obviously new that she had a wicked time spelling my phony name and could not understand joint taxes. I tried to get her to explain why a 5-month pregnant woman who has not worked since 2004 would go to jail for her husband’s varrant while he is Iraq in the Marine Corps. I kept saying That makes no sense. She would try and get around it. That makes no sense. She was dumber than dirt. I said Can I ask you a question? Did you ever hear of the United States Constitution and the Bill of RIghts? Attorneys, judges, court hearings, appeals? The IRS cant just throw you under the goathouse. Don’t quit your day job, you silly little girl. You are not fooling anybody.