6/18: Some IRS numbers

Here is my list of IRS numbers. If the number says IRS or CRA, beside it, then I called the number and verified that the person answering the number actually said they were the IRS or CRA. All of these numbers were checked today. However, please keep in mind that these bastards change their number like they change their dirty underwear and they have lots that.

925-951-8512 IRS
919-258-2521 IRS
323-905-8399 IRS
925-951-8512 Answers, can hear call center, then hangs up.
607-595-2145 Answers, can hear call center, then hangs up.
646-396-1123 IRS
845-809-3168 IRS. They cuss at my FireRTC sound effects.
647-692-7021 CRA
631-624-9732 IRS
315-384-9574 IRS
315-384-9575 IRS. Probably the same call center as the number above.
914-412-2475 IRS. Hard to get through. I tried to scambait them. They wanted my SSN. I gave them a fake one and they said it was not valid.


3153849574 lasted 20 minutes till i wanted to discuss goat breeding

@bobbyirscaller#34837 The guy at 845-809-3168. Likes the FireRTC sound effects. He likes the Careless song. Here is a recording that lasted for 10 minutes of this garbage. Listen at the end when he tries to sing a song.


Here’s another fake IRS number we just got today - 202-840-6286

Just called the first number in Alan’s post - Indian voice answered hello, no ID…I said hello - I got a voice mail etc…he replied Ï’m going to shoot you! I have my sniper there, I’m going to have you shot…this went on in this manner for about 5 minutes til I hung up lol…

I checked these numbers today. Most of the numbers on my original list are dead. Here is a list of ones that were on the list and still work today.

919-258-2521 - Was busy most of the time I called. However, they answered as IRS a few minutes later.
647-692-7021 - This one goes to voice mail. He says he is the CRA and will be back in 30 minutes.
315-384-9575 - This number and the next answer with IRS.
315-384-9574 - This number and the previous answer with IRS.
202-840-6286 - This one is from @idkqueen#34858 (Thank You). It still works.

The number 202-840-6286 is down.

914-412-2475 seems to be dead

None of these are currently working for me

I would double check the 3153849574. Just called and said he would convict me?

"Hey why you giving me a fake name"