565 USD, 2 bank accounts, 3 social media accounts, and any and all dignity lost. Please get the guy

Scam Number: Various
Domain Used: Various
Extra Info: See Below

Greetings All,
Yesterday evening, I fell victim to a ‘ransom honey pot’, in which I lost 560 USD, but as side losses, 2 bank accounts, 3 social media accounts, and any and all dignity. I will recount the events in detail, in the hope that members of this forum can do something about it. I could care less about the money, I just want the guy that did this to me to be put out of business, by any means necessary.

NOTE: this account is a throwaway. It is not tied to my identity. Hopefully for obvious reasons, I do not wish to reveal any of it.

ALSO NOTE: there will be a bulleted information below for the convenience of quick reference.
With that out of the way, here goes nothing.

Yesterday afternoon. I came across an account on the platform Yubo of an attractive woman. Said account asked that if we wanted to chat, to go add her snapchat. One of the tags on the account was gymnastics, which was what I was primarily adding the woman for, to talk gymnastics. So I go to snapchat and add one susan_jan2000. The username was the same on Yubo, fwiw. After adding the account, and being added back, I struck up a conversation with this woman. She asked me what I did and what my hobbies were. After which she asked if I wanted to exchange, in the most sfw way I can put it, explicit pictures. Of course, being a 2 brained man, I agreed. I was instructed as to how I was to position myself for “Her viewing pleasure”. There was also an understanding that there would be no screenshotting. I sent a picture, received a picture back. Then I was asked to send a video, I sent a video, and when I was to receive her video, I received screenshots and screen recordings of what I sent and all of my mainstream social medias. The what turned out to be a man on the other end of the screen formed a chat with all of my instagram followers and threatened to send my explicits to the group chat if I didnt follow his exact instructions. First I was instructed to send $500 “To make it go all away”. My options to send were Zelle, Cashapp, and, I cant remember the 3rd one, maybe Paypal?. Point being, the first method I had to try was Cashapp, as I was “Taking too long” with Zelle. I got it set up, sent screenshots of me going throughout the process, and was sent instructions to send to the cashapp $GLOMAN300600. after sending and waiting for confirmation, the guy tried to get me to do something with Bitcoin on cashapp. However, all payments were denied through cashapp and I had to go through the Zelle route. After enrolling in zelle, I was instructed to send money to the email “[email protected],com” (period replaced with comma to avoid hyperlink). The name listed when sent to that email was not crystal violet, however, it was one “Sharde Olive” whether that could be the scammer or an associate of a scammer, I have no clue. After sending the $500 to this email, I thought my troubles would be over. However, this dude said “Send me 1K to Zelle”. After showing and explaining that I did not have 1K to my name, he asked me to send my remaining $65 dollars to a different email Via Zelle, which I did not notate. Again, I thought my troubles were over. Nope. I was accused of lying about how much money I had, and was forced to hand over my bank login info so that he could “check”. After, I was asked if I had coinbase, I didnt, so I was asked to set up bank accounts with Indi, USAA and Citi bank in my name. I ws done at the point when the guy asked me to do those things, plus send a picture of my debit card. I cut my losses, deleted my snapchat, instagram, and facebook, and closed my 2 bank accounts. I have no clue what, if anything has happened to me online at this point. I dont want to or care to know. I am going to be laying low for quite some time.

Social Account Information:

  • Snapchat and Yubo: susan_jan2000
  • Instagram: susan_jan222

Payment Account Information:

  • Cashapp: $GLOMAN300600
  • Zelle Email: ‘Sharde Oliva’ [email protected],com(comma replaced period to avoid hyperlink).

What I was asked to do over ransom, in order:

  • Send $500 (Via Zelle, Did happen)
  • Send $1000 (Did not happen)
  • Send $65 (Via Zelle, Did happen)
  • Fork over bank login (Did happen)
  • coinbase (did not happen, as did not have coinbase)
  • send an image of my debit card (did not happen)
  • Create bank accounts in my name through Indi, USAA, and Citi Bank (Did not happen, cut my losses, deleted everything)

I implore this website to get this man, as I am scared my life could be ruined.


I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Have you contacted your local police about this? They may be able to help you in ways we cannot.

Could you also provide us some chat logs please? It would help us better understand what to expect when talking to to this person


chat logs cannot be provided, because the medium of communication was via snapchat. the Contact info is all I could record before bailing. This man was clearly from india/the former british raj with the way he talked. Fluent in english, confrontational, tries to rush you along when he thinks you are going too slow. You should be able to make him mad by introducing setbacks provable by screenshots, buying you more time to do your magic

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New Development, this GLOMAN character has requested $200 from me on cash app. even though he knows well and good that I have no money left. I will be closing my Cashapp.


I will also say that Snapchat does keep chat logs. They just don’t show it to the user. Police could definitely get the chat logs


Person seems to reside in North Carolina, from Google Maps activity.
He also has a Samsung phone, judging by the fact that he has an account at Samsung.

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Contact your local FBI Office with this info IMMEDIATELY !!!. They may not be able to get your money back but they can at least hit the Money Mule via that email address you gave.


Ok, I got an IC3 form submitted

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unfortunately, i have tried submitting an IC3 form several times but it is not going through. I will call or email my field office


Yeah, call them. This is critical enough that they need to know. You can also tell them that I was able to capture some info for them should they like, and they are absolutely welcome to reach out to me directly.


I will take a :dart: shot at this email , , n see what happens

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This same person is at it again impersonating Shaman Durek with a fake email account [email protected] She is emailing the Shaman’s social media followers saying I saw your comment on IG and wanted to reach put for you to book a private session at a discounted rate.

$520 was the discounted price of the session and I was asked to pay Sharde Oliva via PayPal who supposedly was the financial assistant to the Shaman.

her emails are [email protected] and [email protected]

After I was asked to pay more money for certain objects I would need for the session; this is when I knew I was frauded ! Criminals like Sharde always keep going and ask for more and more because they are extremely greedy and evil.

I immediately contacted my bank and PayPall and seeked legal advice. She will be charged her with criminal fraud, extortion and false impersonation.

This person is a VERY cruel criminal who will pay for ALL her crimes against the innocent

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