518-516-2732 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings (SCAM)

Scam Number: (518) 516-2732
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:

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Already nuked

It’s not a new number either.

I’m currently gathering information on an exceptionally professionally set up PCH ivr menu on a toll free number I found at 3am eastern this morning while gathering what turned out to be 151 toll free and Orlando Florida area code numbers, investigating yet another large scale fraud.
Web searches return no results for the number, they are flying under the radar extremely well, unlike the drunken imbecile perpetrators who traditionally run this scam. They are using USPS mail to victims addresses in writing with the toll free PCH number to call on the postcard people receive.
It was active and being answered by an extremely well spoken female scammer of the same ethnicity you’d expect from PCH scammers. She has called us both back twice with further information and to collect what she believes is more victim data, along with another not quite as literate and spoken male manager at the PCH calling us both once.
This the most professional PCH scam I’ve ever heard.
They’ll be shut down brutally the minute they give up the key.
Even if they don’t they’ll be shut down as always, unable to speak to anyone again via that expensive number set up.

The best news is both of us have won their latest first prize giveaway of $5.5 million + $5000 weekly for life + 2022 Mercedes Benz which will be arriving at our doorsteps very soon, for us to enjoy test driving our new luxury vehicle for the first time.

I can barely wait until tomorrow when they send all the official government taxation declaration advices and associated lucky winners paperwork to our email addresses.

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Nuke them all!!

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