5163038443 IRS Scammer


Serious emergency, time sensitive call from investigation dept of IRS must call within 24 hrs, 4 serious allegations against you.

Active now, tested with FireRTC

@SM45#56721 Its hard to keep them on the line, they are suspicious of every call.

Lol, mostly they just hang up, or curse and hang up, but I thought the end of this one was funny.


Didn’t work for me… hung up right away…

https://app.firertc.com/calls/5bb3bde868656375bf280000/recording I tried selling some goats at the end.

@SM45#56745 Love your response. I will use it too specially that I can I speak Hindi/Urdu.

@TheSpartan18#56759 This Indian scam center was very noisy. Seems a big call center.

Thescammer’s accent suggests that he may be from north east India an come as migrant worker/scammer to a big city.


hour long call yaay

@SM45#56745 Great!!! he just hung up on, and I was almost at the walmart

this is a good one. lol

@SM45#56721 in a call i just did found out that they’re in canbodia

@Bobrozz#56821 How?

@ScammersBane#56857 I got on there good side and asked them where they really were