516-388-5480 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings

Scam Number: (516) 388-5480
Domain Used:
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This guy has been around for YEARS! He use to be Albert (If anyone followed “Grams” on YouTube)
He is pure evil, and I don’t say that lightly

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YES!!! You are absolutely right!

(516) 388-5480 Still Active. James Anderson’s VM, Thursday 9-15-22 1:09AM EST

(516) 388-5480 Still Active. James Anderson VM. Sunday 9-18-22 5:00PM EST

516-388-5480 Still Active. James Anderson VM. Wednesday 10-19-22 9:44PM EST

This voicemail is still active

Now he’s Jeff Baker 385-331-0334

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