516-209-4160 & 304-454-8976 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings (SCAM)

Scam Number: 516-209-4160 & 304-454-8976

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516-209-4160 Still Active Sunday 11-6-22 7:38PM EST

304-454-8976 Still Active David Peterson. This is Fridays 11-4-22 Conversation 11:48PM EST Claim Card Vanilla 200

This Sunday’s 11-6-22 7:42PM EST Conversations

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304-454-8976 active


That file has been deleted. Am just curious what it was. Was it an audio clip or something?

304-454-8976 : I dialed with both a normal cell phone (I already get tons of calls, one more will not matter) and with TextNow. They both rang a few times and hung up.

A bit unrelated: A few days ago I could not privately message anyone. Now I can again.

Yes, It was. Sorry for the inconvenience; I found a much better audio hosting site

I had the same issue. Now resolved.

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516-209-4160 Still Active VM Sunday 11-13-22 9:15PM EST