5092884661 irs scam

Angry scammer got trolled cause I wasted 40 minutes of his time trying to figure out how Western Union works, you can feel his salt.


I asked him that to

Said they were domino’s pizza in China lol

I called and argued with him that he has my cell phone number. They asked for my number and I said they they have it. He was getting pissed off after 10 minutes. Hung up.

Learnt some words from them,

Meri lund choos le, means suck my dick ( Also heard 'mere mo me le' means the same thing )
Randi Ka baccha, means you son of a prostitute
Tor mai ke chodho , means get back in your mother's womb
Teri ma chadha ka lund choos, means your mother sucks donkey balls