5 Levels of Scambaiters

I was bored, so I made this 5-stage system to help determine what level scambaiter you are, with level 1 being simply recognizing scams and level 5 being shutting down scam numbers. This mostly applies to scambaiters for tech support scams. In the table image, I give details of what you need to have experienced to “qualify” as a certain level scambaiter. I personally am a level 3 since I just casually call tech support scammers once in a while and see what they do to virtual machines of different types. Tell us what you think of it, and if you want to, share what level scambaiter you are according to the table I made!

Since I can't seem to directly paste a picture, the picture of the table is in this link:

In case you don’t want to look at a detailed table or can’t see the image for some reason, I will summarize the five stages here, with 5 being most experienced and 1 being least experienced:

1 AWARENESS: One can detect whether something is a real or a scam, and understands how to report a scam if necessary through “report” wizards on websites.

2 CALLING: One is able to call any scammer to waste his/her time, using appropriate Fake Caller IDs. This can be known as ethical “prank calling”.

3 EXPOSING: One is able to call scammers and is able to fluently use a Windows virtual machine and get tech support scammers connected. One should be able to point out the “tricks”/fake problems that the scammer appears to show on the VM, has an interest in computers and/or security, and has sufficient knowledge of Windows operating systems.

4 REVERSING: One not only is able to call tech support scammers, but also refund scammers, using VMs for both. This level also requires the ability to reverse the connection successfully in a way that the scammer wouldn’t know. This is done through social engineering and remote desktop software. One should be able to download, delete, or lock the scammer’s computer/files.

5 FINALIZING: This level scambaiter knows it all. Using knowledge from reversal of connections, this scambaiter can predict the scammer’s tactics and is able to conduct investigations and documentaries consisting of information about the scammer. If necessary, part of this can be supported with ethical hacking. The scambaiter must also be able to earn money for doing this as a job.

@rs746#154675 May I suggest a level 6: Destroying. The scambaiter is able to dismantle the call centre’s entire operation by reporting them to the appropriate Organisations. Significant financial losses and frustration are inflicted on the scammers as a direct result of this.

You missed a level 0. 0 applies to those who are not scambaiters yet but are active on the forums and showing support and loyalty to the scambaiters by text, speech, video or money. I initially thought you would be representing it as a pyramid graph, your concept is excellent, it just needs some tweaking.

@Telescope#154790 I think that comes under 5 itself but great thought. For example Jim would cover all 6 categories then

@Andromeda#154792 Jim would definitely be on the top level. All scammers fear him now so he had to invest in a voice changer…

I am definitely a level 4. I am not as advanced into yet, I am only now properly starting to get into it. Getting everything setup etc. rather than just the way I was doing it weeks before.

@Telescope#154798 A really ass voice changer but a voice changer none the less.

No problem. No problem sir. You are speaking with Certified Level 2 Scambaiter and my name is Fatty Matty how May I help you sir? Vat vere you doing when you weceived the photo of the dead cows on your text message after you had talked to the person for 90 minutes?

My rank and seniority and posts speak for themselves. My activities are best left private, Thanks.

@Telescope#154790 That’s nice! I believe Karl Rock would be able to do this directly in India

@Andromeda#154791 Thanks for your idea! Yes, I believe that even those interested in investigating scammers but may not have the courage to do so yet should still be applauded for what they are able to do. I would definitely consider separating the first level into this during my next release of this tool.


@Chop#154817 That's amazing! You're probably like me then, who just does this when I feel to do so, exploring different tools and all.

@rs746#154675 ya I am 5 I call every day report and post numbers that are SSA scammers … I shut them down … Well we do but I am relentless spam calling double phone them … I try reason with them listen to their sob stories … but mostly just hoard like hell to stop them from scamming innocent people who are old or not capable of knowing that it a scam … My motto "protect those who can’t protect themselves " I hope that one day we will win this endless battle they just walk out of their job or just give up this scam job for better things … maybe wishful thinking but their are times that I feel victory !

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@rs746#154674 What level is a scambaiter that pisses them off so badly that they put his number on one of their popups? :slight_smile:

I am a level 9 technician my ID is MS696969 . I am an authorised baiter from MSWPC

@rs746#154674 Excellent. I suggest you add (in level 3 or 4)

Ability to get IP address of the scammer and thus geo-location. At least get IP address of the ISP who serves TeamViewer, Anydesk etc using Wireshark.

@rs746#155215 I probably won’t be exploring many tools considering I have one that works and is created but feel free to add my Discord if you wanna speak more on this flutterverse#2291

@drwat#155246 Yes, that seems like an important component as well. If you look at the detailed image of the table (the link in this post), you will see that “Accessing a Scammer’s IP Remotely” is part of the Level 4 requirements

@rs746#155483 Yes I noticed it now. I frequently use Wireshark in my scambaiting.