+447908097813 EE phishing/scam number

Just received a text message from +447908097813 pretending to be EE (17/01/21), saying they were unable to process my latest bill. Funny that since I’m not a customer of EE. The message comes with a link to a fake website. The website is a phishing portal, that starts with a fake log-in page. No matter what you type in there it will always work since they are not EE and don’t actually have your account information. I decided to check it out. After I typed in a bunch of fake information it took me to a page asking for debit card info and bank account details along with other personal information like your address and your mothers maiden name for whatever reason!? 100% phishing. Btw, the url in the message is: ee-billingupdateinfo.net

According to Telnyx’ database and lookup service, the provider of that number is actually EE Limited. However, it does not say if it’s their official number or just a customer’s number which happens to exist in their network. I think it’s the latter one.

Website https://ee-billingupdateinfo.net/Login.php has been already marked as unsafe!



on it! reporting website to Netcraft and reporting number to carrier.