Scam Number: 530-243-0430
Domain Used:
Extra Info: This is an active cell phone number to Haskin Morris he has used this number to have people report into him out of concern for their life. He is claiming to be a DEA agent and has scammed at least six elderly people in Shelby County. One said that she called this number and leaves a message and he will call back, sometimes he calls from this number sometimes he answers from this number.


What’s his script?

Also didn’t go to voicemail.

went straight to vm. lets see if he calls back

update: he never called me back :frowning:

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And he states that he is DEA and he is working with agent Amy Miller an agent David white one is Department of Justice the other is order patrol and they are intercepting drugs in your name.


Well I’ll have to speak with him, I really want my drugs in a timely manner.

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I first encountered him in July 2021

New Delhi IP
Haskin Morris DEA badge 963408 [email protected]