419 Scammer

Contact Us By SMS Now Your Package Is Intact Ready [email protected]

Attn: Dear Beneficiary,

Sir/Madam, I wish to inform you that the logistics way out for your fund
is on, the good news to you now is that it has been figured out for your
good as the Clearance has made from the FBI, IMF, CIA, Interpol, Secret
Security Services SSS and Home Land Security Agency.

I am Mr. Kelly Kelly Morgan More i bring to your notice that we have your
package under our custody here in New York city and i write to let you know
that it will be delivered to your doorstep all you need is to confirm your
delivery address below Contact me here Send SMS (813) 886-9029 OR On Our
Email: [email protected]

The package will come through post office it will cost you $100 the payment
method will be Google play gift card or iTunes card $100, this is for the
Security Keeping of the Package under Security Room Department, get ready
now because you will see us any moment now to your house.

This Noble Arrangement was made by the International Human Right Bureau
Units Endorsed by the listed agencies. Reply Us Now On Phone(813)886-9029
Or Email: [email protected]


Mr. Kelly Morgan More,
Assigned Agent In Charge
SMS Us Now On Phone(813)886-9029
E-mail; [email protected]

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