419 Scam with Bank Info

Mr. Nathaniel Douglas [email protected]

World Bank Assisted Program
Directorate of International
Payment and Transfers.
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal
Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Attention: Jon Brian

This is a true compensation approved from the united nation to
compensate you due to maybe you has been scam before and again you may
be victim of scam, the united nation approved where your fund
originated to process Atm Master Card with valid cash of usd
$5,000.000.00 million in your favor in order to compensate you so
that if you have been scammed before this is a compensation and you
will be making your withdrawals from the Atm Master Card as you will
be allowed in making withdrawals minimum of usd $20,000.00 {twenty
thousand usd per a day or every 24 hrs from any atm machine around
you. Your Atm Master Card will be delivered to your address through
courier delivery services within 2 days. Please note that we are only
using FedEx courier company as it is the only company that we signed a
contract with so we can actually monitor the delivery, so many
complaints are rising up every day, concerning the inability of the
young courier companies unable to make deliveries, we have also learn
that the Dhl company asks for security fees, IMF FEES AND FBI FEES.

My dear there is no such thing as that, the only payment that the
courier companies anywhere in the world asks of is just the delivery
fee and the security fee, which is very understanding, please you have
to be very careful in your dealings as there is no such thing as IMF
fee. Or documents, the united nations has warned all the security
agencies to desist from an illegal act, as this fund is been sent to
you due to the rate of poverty, and as such no one has the power to
stop your delivery,

For you to be safe, we will assign a special task force team to follow
up your delivery with the delivery lady so as to be sure that nothing
happens to your parcel, once you receive your card try to call this
number and send a the code i will give to you. They will activate your
card instantly.


Amount credit: usd$5,000,000.00 million
Your Atm Card Account # : 2099-0505-0014-1812
Card limit per a day: usd$20,000.00
Expiring date: 10/11/2023
Pin code # :8221:

You are required to send me your full details such as :…
Your full name…
Your full contact address…
Your telephone/mobile number…
Copy of your international passport or driver’s license

Also be informed that the only fee you will send down to the courier
company is just the delivery and security fee, Which is just $250 usd
no one dares to ask for any more fees. If anyone does, report to us
immediately, you have absolutely nothing to worry about this delivery,
you will be surprise on how everything will work out accordingly,

Your to send the required fee to this agent name through western Union

Country. Malaysia
City…Kuala lumpur
Amount…$250 Dollars
Mtcn or Reference…?
Senders Name…?
senders Address …?

Once you send these above information your Atm Master Card will be
processed and delivered to your address and you can as well move down
to any nearest atm paying machine and apply your pin code # :8221: to
make your withdrawals without any delay. if you will be finding it
difficult to make use of the card, the lady that will be assigned to
you will assist you ok. I am waiting to hear from you as soon as
possible, kindly direct your email to [email protected]

Mr. Nathaniel Douglas
Director Swift card payment center