419 Scam text- (304) ###-####, (646) 835-0075 & (304) 202-1385

Scam Numbers: (304) ##-#### & (646) 835-0075
Carriers: Restricted Verizon (304), Bandwidth.com via Unlisted Mobile A2P (646)

Additional information about the scam: The scammer used their (304) number to send a fraudulent group text message to myself and 15 other recipients with the following image, falsely claiming to be a San Diego Powerball winner and urging recipients to call the (646) number and speak with her agent, Mr. Chad.

When I verified the (646) number with the Lennybot, I could tell that “Mr. Chad” was actually a Nigerian prince. But as he didn’t wanna deal with the old man, I tried calling him myself to no avail.

The scam was also reported on 800Notes, Reddit, MalwareTips and ScamWatcher, where it reveals that “Mr. Chad” also operates as “John Mark,” “Donald Carver,” “David Gonzalez,” “Richard Sperry,” “Michael Raymond” and “David Johnson.” Recipients are asked to “activate” their winnings by paying Mr. Chad $100 through CashApp or by having him empty your bank account.



Additional Phone Number used - (304) 202-1385 (Bandwidth.com via Unlisted Mobile P2P)



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