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Header - Greetings from David Young Kim, please Read Carefully,

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Greetings from David Young Kim, please Read Carefully;

I’m David Young KIM, Army surgeon General from American. But in AFRICA
at the moment with our troops on going peace keeping in the area, here
in the Military Zone Camp we are not allowed to make use of mobile
phone, we only make use of radio message and email communication, I
have decided to communicate via emails only.

My dear, I discovered some Gold here which I kept in A Bank and the
Bank Management told me that they are going to pay me equivalent
amount of $ 3, 600.00 Million dollars for the Gold which I agreed with
them. But I don’t want the money to be transferred to my Country
America because of my position in Army since they knows me as Military
personnel, American Government will like to know how I get such amount
of money as they knows my income and my salary.

Due to this, I have made solid arrangements with the Bank Directors to
help me transfer the money to any Country of my choice and they have
accepted and promised to transfer the money to my choosing
destination. It is my intention to compensate you on the percentage %
we agreed on for your services as you stand as my partner and the
entire money been transferred to you. As soon as you receive the money
I will resign as a soldier as I am planning to invest in Manufacturing
Company, also I will fly to meet you in your Country immediately the
Coved-19 pandemic short down is over for us to build Family friendship
together. We need urgent movement on this deal because the money is in
the Bank suspense account it has NO Beneficiary names YET as I did not
use my names because it will be risk for me to use my names if
American Government discover that such amount of money is on my names
here in Africa they will come after me to know the source of the
money. Make your respond urgent to me;

My regards; David Young KIM;"