419 SCAM, "Muthar Kent from Coca-Cola" - (202) 367-9921

Email sender: “Coca Cola” ([email protected], [email protected])
Body: “Coca Cola - Luckie Street Entncence
Atlanta, Ga, United States
Congratulations Dear.
I am mr. muthar kent of coca-cola plc. You have been selected from Our Annual giveaway and cash rewards Gifts
Coca-Cola Plc
[email protected]
+1 (202) 367-9921” (Bandwidth.com via Talktone P2P)

I deployed Lenny to bait this scammer, who asked Lenny to provide his name, mailing address and a complete photocopy of his ID or driver’s license. While he is clearly impersonating the former Coca-Cola CEO Muthar Kent, his associated LinkedIn account reveals that he is actually a Nigerian from Lagos.

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He is also operating a mega millions.


Felt like the recording warranted a short video for my TikTok, Instagram and YouTube accounts.