419 - IMF Payment Pending - 1 (205) 277-7281

Email sender: Dr. Andrew Owens. [email protected]
Email title: ATTENTION
Reply-To: [email protected]
INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) International Settlement Unit, 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20431, United States Tel: +1 205 277-7281 Attn , This is to inform you that you are among those whose pending payment has been approved by the IMF in conjunction with the World Bank. The Fund release has been delayed as a result of your dealings with unauthorized individuals, so you are advised to stop every communication with anybody/institution regarding the payment. These funds originated from unpaid contract sums, inheritance/next of kin and lottery beneficiaries that originated from Europe, Asia Plus Middle East, America and Africa. You are among the list of individuals and companies whose unpaid funds have been approved for payment under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund Headquarters here in Washington, DC USA. We do hereby ask you to contact this office within 48 hours of receiving this notification. Please reconfirm your full name and contact telephone number to enable us to normalize the documents in your name and advise you on how to make your claim. For more briefing contact. [email protected] Yours Faithfully, Dr. Andrew Owens. Coordinator, International Settlement Unit Tel: +1 205-277-7281