419 Fedex Scam Email

Email sender: [email protected]


Body: Attention Beneficiary, I acknowledge receipt of your email so without
wasting much time; I have to introduce myself to you. I am U.s citizen
working under FEDEX COMPANY Permanent Representative of the USA FEDEX
WORKER for american as whole . We did received some letter from FBI and
interpol office in USA here, that your Award beneficiaries, that some so
called claims coordinators has been extorting money from beneficiary’s
before they will agree to sign the funds release and make the funds
available to you due, to that regards a meeting was held on the 26th of
this month yesterday to make sure that the files of your package box are
being looked into and also check out, And that was when we actually found
out that your package box contains the sum of $20.5million had not been
deliver to
your doorstep .

*To that effect we the FEDEX COMPANY here in U.S CHICAGO IL decided to help
beneficiary’s to deliver the sum of $20.5million to your home address
without wasting anytime, You don’t have to pay any other charge/fees apart
from the courier charges here in USA , I want you to bear in mind that we
are only trying to help you because I believe that you have been running
with the wrong people for a longtime now and yet you have not receive your
package box and note that arrangement of this consignment box have been
issue Us custom and FBI advice us to secure all property in this Us FEDEX
COMPANY , I also want to inform you that we have secure all documents to
help you receive your FUNDS PACKAGE BOX without any other delays, so you
don’t have anything to worry about. So to enable us dispatch your package
via the FEDEX DELIVERY express channels for delivery system kindly see
below for the charges required for delivery, therefore we urgent you to
make the payment of $60.00 as soon as possible, which serve as the courier
charge, We are sending to you details with which you are to make your
payment with, for the delivery charges of your parcel.Please note that all
payment for delivery should be made via (Ria Money Transfer) and be advice
to send the money to the correct information below and send it correctly to
Nigeria as the origin of your package to enable USA fedex company chicago
il deliver to you *

  • 1: Receiver Name :======*
    36 Ikunna Street Egbe Lagos Nigeria

*2: Sender’s Address:::: 3: MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number): 4. Amount
$60.00 *
5: Text Question ::::Deliver

6:Answer::::Today 7: Country Nigeria/ city Lagos I advise that you try
your possible best to come up with the payment as soon as possible so that
your parcel can leave for dispatch before 8hours according to the agreement
paper , Hope you understand? And on the receipt of your payment
confirmation email, your package will be set for delivery which you will
receive within 8hours.We sincerely hope the above information is helpful to
you, should you have any further queries do not hesitate to write to us.
Please make sure you furnish us with your current delivery address to
enable us proceed because once they confirm from Nigeria that the payment
is received we will deliver within 8hours from this chicago IL. Kindly get
back to us and also with the requested information’s, I am going to help
you complete this transaction if you want us to proceed on this matter with
urgent don’t fail to send the courier charge today. Regards,


House in the email adress in legos Nigeria seems to be a real adress

this is really weird wwhy they scaam