419 Email Loan Scam

[email protected]

[email protected]

We are currently issuing business and personal loans:
Flexible repayment period; up to 30 years.
Low and fixed interest rate; 2.09% PA.
For more info and application, kindly reply via email: [email protected]

I couldn’t edit the orginal post. After further research [email protected]

[email protected] seem to be legit emails. The scammer’s email is [email protected].

[“Email Loan Scam”,“419 Email Loan Scam”]

@ColorfulFireworks#2270 These are actual emails what these scammer will do either spoof email address from a real address, but use their original email to hide their real email. But, hey they can not hide thanks for the share :slight_smile:


Here's the mirror of that email [email protected] and maybe you might had something similar?



The email is down now.