419 Email from Richard Bernard

Scammer’s email: [email protected]


Screenshot by Lightshot

Thats the reply i got from him lol, using the same surname as my fake email. I’ll read it and reply now.

Got his IP Screenshot by Lightshot

I have email that person yesterday and they did not got back to me yet .

@michael221805#11980 Maybe resend it

@FOXYCallum1#11984 What should I say ?

@michael221805#11985 I said “sorry i accidently deletd ur email can u resend plz?” to make myself sound like an idiot and it worked.

@FOXYCallum1#11986 Ok thank you .

@michael221805#11987 I just got a email back from him saying i need to foward this draft to this email (which was the bank apparently…)

Banque Atlantique

Name: Dr. Abla Abobo

Direct Desk Number: +228 99 75 11 08

Email: [email protected]

Banque Atlantique

Lome, Togo

Dear Sir,
Application for the release and transfer of $10,500Million US Dollars (Ten Million Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars only) from Banque Atlantique dormant vault A/C N0:11-011-77/
Banque Atlantique. Please be informed that i wish to claim the release and transfer of the sum of
$10,500Million US Dollars (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only) with your
The above amount/money was deposited by my deceased relative, Mr. Alex Wolfhiesnburg, as the
heir apparent with all documents of proof to claim and instruct that the above mentioned amount be
released to me. I have in addition my full information below.
Full Name: John Xavier Wolfhiesnburg
Home Address: 4888 Bryan Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55406 United States of America
Mobile Number: +1 651 269 7501
Occupation: School Janitor
Date of Birth: 9/8/87
Email: [email protected]
I attest herein that this application request is in compliance to your banking internal policies and
respect to your official protocols to the above stated matter. I therefore agree to your
terms/requirements that will enhance an immediate transfer of my inheritance fund as applied.
Please accept this late application, i hope you will understand and expedite action.
Name: John Xavier Wolfhiesnburg

@FOXYCallum1#11988 Tell him to email me back lol .

@michael221805#11989 Nahhh, he will know we are messing with him then. I just gave him a load of fake info from a fake email address i only use for spam as well

@FOXYCallum1#11990 He might not get back to me .

@michael221805#11991 I dont know

@FOXYCallum1#11992 Yeah .

@michael221805#11993 Yeahhhhh.

@FOXYCallum1#11995 Are you in discord server now so we can troll india scammer ?

@michael221805#11997 Ahhh, i would but its 3AM here in the UK and the fam is trying to sleep

@FOXYCallum1#12005 Ok.

No email yet .