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Head office Address C / O Ministry of Economy and Finance IGF building, 2nd floor 08 BP 989 Cotonou Email: [email protected] Fax: (229) 21 30 44 57 YOUR FUNDS PAYMENT RELEASE OF USD $950,000 DOLLARS My Name is Karim Barhoumi International Monetary Fund Representative Cotonou Benin Republic; I am writing to inform you that we have received COVID-19 Pandemic Compensation Funds from United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) and your email address and your Name was selected to receive the sum of $950,000.00, The selection process was carried out through the United Nations (UN) computerized email selection system, from a database of over 79,980,000 email addresses obtained from all continents of the world, which your email address was selected among. The United Nations COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund is a UN inter-agency fund mechanism established by the UN Secretary-General to help support low- and middle-income people(s) to respond to the pandemic and its impacts, including an unprecedented sociology-economic shock. The Fund’s assistance targets those most vulnerable to economic hardship and social disruption around the world. We are delighted to inform you that due to mixed up of names and numbers, your email attached to approved number UN6MM020/COVID-19, which consequently fall on our International Chapter, You are thereby, instructed to e-mail back and state how you wish to receive your funds immediately. REMEMBER TO FORWARD YOUR FULL INFORMATION AS REQUIRED BELOW TO ENABLE LOCATE YOUR PAYMENT FILE AND ATTEND TO YOU IMMEDIATELY. 1. Your Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Age: 4. Telephone; 5. Country: I will wait to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks and Remain Blessed Mr. Karim Barhoumi Phone +229 99315203 Representative International Monetary Fund Cotonou Benin Republic