419 - Buy Pfizer parts to help Ukraine?? +31 0 20 225 5118

Email sender: Pfizer [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Email title: INVITATION
Good Day Sir/Madam, I would like to extend an invitation to your company to supply us with the BVI VI27 SERIES PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE. The product we request may fall out of your scope of work, hence we would like you to source the product and supply it to us. Below is a Request for Quotation of the products we need. Product/Model No: BVI VI27 SERIES PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE Model Number: VI27 Qty. 55 Our ongoing plant upgrade and maintenance for shields to help Ukrainians refugees due to the Ukraine crisis, therefore we require these components at your earliest convenience. We await your quotation. Kind Regards, Ajane Bulla PFIZER NETHERLANDS B.V Supply Chain Management Rivium Westlaan 142 2909 LD Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands Tel: +31(0)20 225 5118 Fax: +31(0)20 808 0077 Email: [email protected]